Ponto Beach

11 08 2011

I was asked to help chaperone a beach camp for the young women of our church. In addition to providing general support, I was asked to give a little class on how to use a map and compass, as well as a session on Geocaching. Do they know me, or what?

So I set up a little mini-orienteering course, based on the one they had at the last Roughneck Rendezvous. We had teams of two or three with a competition to see which team could finish first.

Then we set off on a three-mile hike, with a couple of cache hunts thrown in for spice.

The first was the Ponto Beach cache, which was located right in front of a lifeguard tower. As we approached (all 18 of us) and started looking, the lifeguard came out and asked if we were geocaching. One of the girls said that we were, and asked if he knew where the cache was. He said that he didn’t, so we were on our own.

Not to worry, though, as it wasn’t long before one of the girls asked, “Is this it?” And, indeed, it was.

(click to enlarge image)

Before we left, we got the lifeguard to come out and join us. Those of you who enjoy finding mistakes in movies and TV shows might want to look carefully at this image.

(click for bigger)

We found another cache after this one, and I wish I had a picture to share. The sight of twelve girls looking for a micro cache in a 8′ x 10′ laundry room is one that I will never forget.

Near our campsite, a previous group had left the fruits of their labors for us to enjoy.

The work of a higher power was evident as well.

The girls (and adults) seemed to really enjoy the experience, and we may have inducted a few new members into the geocaching community.

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6 responses

13 08 2011

Nice post! Loved all your pics. Thanks for visiting my cache.

13 08 2011

No idea what the mistake is in that picture (but I’m pretty good at catching stuff in movies!) It’s not the reflection of the photographer is it?

13 08 2011

or is it that you posted this on the 8th and the date says the 9th?

14 08 2011

Good eye, Erika! We were there on the 11th, but the info board said the 9th.

5 09 2011
Dick Nielson

Great note, and being from cougar country the BYU cougar shirt made me happy. I am adding your blog to my blog list. Great story and thanks.

28 11 2011
Geocaching with Tru2Cntry

Great pictures! love your blog! Tru2Cntry

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