La Mesa Centennial Amazing Geocache Challenge

2 06 2012

The nearby city of La Mesa recently celebrated their 100th birthday. Surprisingly, they included geocaching as part of the celebration. Nine regular caches were published, along with a multi-cache and a puzzle cache.

The most interesting part was the multi-cache, where each stop included some interesting bit of La Mesa history. Of course, I snapped a few pics along the way.

Here’s a map of all the caches in the Challenge. The orange pins are the puzzle caches, the yellow are the multi, and the green are the regular. You can click the map to see a larger version.

The first set of coordinates led me here

where I was directed to “R 979.498 LAM,” which turned out to be

Not the first of this type I’ve found, but they’re always fun.

I was also directed to a memorial for fallen peace officers.

Then, to lighten the mood, I was directed to someone’s front yard, where this was on display.

Happy Birthday, La Mesa, and rhino-sized thanks to the person who had the idea to include crazy people like me!




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